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Belly Button Rings for your Belly

Your dream of a stylish and sexy belly can be realized easily with the wide array of colorful belly bars available at However, belly piercings are far from being risk-free so you need to opt for an excellent and reliable online shop like bellybuttonrings co. that sells quality piercing stuff. Since infection risk is always possible, you got to hire a trained reputable doctor to do the job on your precious tummy. You also need to select a perfect belly bar design that does not only look great but makes you feel comfortable all the time. You need a perfect fit for your size; otherwise, when your jeans are constantly rubbing against the bar, your skin is irritated and leads to a problematic skin infection.

Best belly bars for you

In appearance, a belly bar is similar to a barbell in shape. Its stud or stone will comfortably fit in the belly button, and its other end will be inserted through a second piercing done either over or beneath the belly button. Belly bars have different shapes and come in varied materials. Your needs, taste, and sense of style will determine in choosing the best belly bar for you.

Belly bar materials

Acrylics, metals, and plastics are commonly used as materials to create fashionable belly bars. Gold, niobium, platinum and stainless steel are also popular materials used to make belly bars. Another outstanding material is titanium for it is light in weight and more durable than even steel and least likely to cause allergic reactions for most skin types. However, always remember that your skin might react to a particular material. Some types of skin are allergic to metals, while others find acrylic belly bars irritatable to their skin. In choosing jewelry for your body, do not disregard your body’s ‘Biocompatibility’. Hence, its best to use a material that you know wouldn’t react with your skin and increase the risk of infections.

Belly bar and healing

Every time you purchase a belly bar in, you are confident that all necessary procedures have been provided to make the healing piercing faster. It takes around 4 months for the pierced belly to heal, and some women have reported that theirs didn’t heal completely until 12 months. To make your healing process faster and avoid infection risk in the interim, always wash and disinfect your hands before touching your belly bar. To keep it clean, wash the piercing gently with soap and water 2-3 times daily.

While it’s highly recommended that you wear the same belly bar for at least 4 months after you get the belly pierced, there is no reason why you can’t change your belly jewelry afterward. However, every time you buy belly bars or belly rings, make sure that the design will not irritate your piercing. When you change your jewelry, you have to sanitize and disinfect the new belly bar before inserting it in the piercing.

Belly buttons are stylish, sexy, and it’s the perfect way to add an edge to your look. So go ahead and get your belly pierced and be sure to buy your belly bar from, a reliable and reputable store with the widest variety of belly bars available. Then you can confidently flaunt your new piece of bling!