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Why gold jewelry?

Gold is best for initial navel piercing and it must be between14 and 18 carats for any higher number is too soft for use. Belly button rings must be made of a nickel-free alloy. Since time immemorial, people had always opted for gold as the metal stands as the symbol of beauty and prosperity that they wished for in their lives. However, there are still some issues to know before selecting gold belly button rings for you have to avoid risks as allergies and low tissue tolerance of the jewelry.

The main issue with gold belly button rings

Avoid using belly button rings that are only plated with gold for such jewelry should never be used in piercings. After the piercing is healed and the gold polish is gone, there is danger of developing an allergy especially if the other metal used is nickel - particularly found in white gold belly button rings. Never buy cheaper products as they are likely to have a low level of purity. Always check what kind of base metal is included, and then decide if it is worth buying.

Purchase only 14kt gold belly button rings

Gold is beautiful, as well as eye-catching and is highly popular with those that are only able to afford solid gold belly rings. 14k gold navel rings look stunning and emanate a natural-looking elegance. Any alloy containing 9k gold has only a minor percentage "real" gold but 14k has more real gold than its alternate metal counterpart and has higher purity so it is more expensive.

Some eye-catching 14k gold belly buttons available at bellybutton

14k yellow gold plated sterling silver jeweled fancy belly navel bar

Clear jeweled two hearts 14k gold plated sterling silver navel ring

14k yellow gold plated sterling silver clear jeweled heart banana belly bar

14k dangling jeweled floral solid yellow gold navel belly button ring

14k gold jeweled cross navel ring o Gold 14k navel ring with jeweled butterfly

Curved navel 14k gold CZ stone ring body jewelry

Dangling 14k gold jeweled multi flower body navel ring

Jeweled 14K gold cross banana bar navel ring

14K gold high quality Zirconia moving navel body ring

Go for 14k gold belly buttons If you know what is good for you, go for the 14k gold belly buttons to create the sassiest fashion statement. A wide array of these goods are available in all stores. Visit for more information and answers to your inquiries.