18k Gold Belly Button Rings

Women want to attract attention, especially from the opposite sex so they do their best to accomplice this goal. One strategy is to have navel piercings that will certainly catch the eyes and dazzle observers. One of the most ancient practices of body modifications is body piercing. Although body piercings are considered a fashion statement or an adornment, it can also be an expression of culture, as well as a symbol of spiritual belief. This practice is performed in various parts of the body, but the most common site is the belly button. The top half of the navel is the site of a traditional belly-button piercing there the piercer uses a hollow needle to penetrate through the navel and then insert the jewelry moments after.

Karats in gold

The word gold is often preceded by the word Karat, usually abbreviated with the letter "K" that is a description of a measurement unit determining the purity of the metals; most often gold. Karat is always accompanied by a number often from 10 to 18. The higher number has the higher the purity of gold.

18k gold compared with other lower karats is purer so it is not the cause any allergic reaction from people suffering from metal sensitivity. You will observe that its color is more intense; however, the price is higher. The 22k gold is softer and more pliable but it scratches more easily and it is far more expensive. The perfect balance between purity in gold and strength is found in the 18 karat gold. It has more flexibility and rarely causes irritation of the skin.

Alloys in gold

Gold being naturally pliable and soft must be combined with a certain amount of stronger metal to help retain its shape and strength. This process of combining the atoms of gold with the atoms of another metal is called making an "alloy."

18k gold and allergy

You can opt for 18K gold to avoid allergy- therefore, you should avoid wearing "plated" jewelry as this will eventually peel and fade away once again exposing your skin to the metal that you're allergic to. Every 18k gold contains 75% gold and 25% alloy. Since it contains a very low level of nickel, 18k gold poses no problem for allergic people. .

Where to find 18k gold belly bar?

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