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Animals are favorite designs in belly button rings

Favorite designs of belly ring buttons are all kinds of animals. Do you know that animal designs have their meanings?

The butterfly is the ultimate symbol of transformation. Its beauty comes from its ability to keep faith emerging from its cocoon as an entirely gorgeous creature.

Cat designs can have a variety of different meanings. It can express effortless joy and playfulness or its mysterious, magical, intuitive sides.

Wolves are the ultimate symbol of freedom, living off of instinct, and due to their keen senses, power, and grace, they are also considered as warrior symbols.

The dog can be as varied as the personalities they represent. Nearly all dog represents a strong sense of loyalty and protection for their human pals.

A dolphin up close is a symbol of grace, friendliness, playfulness, and intelligence. They are associated with freedom, intuition, and emotion.

Dragons symbolize a huge range of traits from good luck, wisdom, and magic to cunning, ferocity, and strength.

A classic swallow design indicates a return like a sailor sailing a certain number of miles and always returning home as swallows always return home after migration.

The whale symbolizes the beauty of the sea and the cultures that reside along her shores. They also represent intuition or emotional depth.

Legendary phoenix bird represents the purification that often happens under fire and the regeneration from the death of one phase of life and the birth of the next.

Foxes can represent agility, cleverness, and quick-thinking fox they are traditionally known for their wisdom and cunning.

Elephants are used to denote a certain amount of strength, as well as wisdom. An elephant with its trunk raised is said to symbolize good luck.

Horses have always been the ultimate symbol of grace, beauty, and strength. If you're the wild type, this symbol is a great way to make sure the world knows it.

The bear has long been honored for its sense of peace but shows its fiercer side when her cubs are threatened.

The lizard is a lucky charm and honored for its speed, agility, and cunning.

Plus, the wide variety of colors for a cute, colorful piece of art Peacocks symbolize not only beauty but of extreme uniqueness. The "eyes" of its feathers represent a soul that is able to disconnect thoughts during meditation.

The turtle served as a spiritual symbol. Due to its long lifespan, the turtle or tortoise means long life and relaxed nature.

Frogs are symbols of everything from luck to playfulness and are a great choice for they can be depicted in so many colors

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