Anodized Belly Button Bars

Body modifications like piercing the belly button, are not only attention-getter but interesting and alluring as well. You can follow the fad by piercing your navel with the best and highest quality body jewelry! Still trending these days is belly button piercings. You can use this type of body piercing to create an amazing look, to emphasize your independence or to express a fashion statement. To begin your belly button adventure, you have to decide two things: first, the type of belly button ring you want and second is to get belly button ring that is durable and lasting, such as the Anodized Belly Button Ring!

Process of Anodizing

This is an electrochemical process converting a metal surface into a corrosion-resistant, ornamental, with a strong anodic oxide finish. Among others, it is primarily for protecting an aluminum object from scratches and rust. By means of the electrochemical process of the current, a layer of aluminum oxide is created on the surface. This layer increases not only its hardness but also strengthens its resistance to corrosion. So expect anodized materials to be durable, hard and solid.

Why is Anodizing important?

Anodizing is one of the metal finishing processes that are more environmentally friendly compared with other processes. It is essential to anodize all metal surfaces to serve as protection from corrosion, damage. staining and tarnishing. Realizing the many advantages of anodized metals, many people are using it in so many fields of human endeavor and across so many applications. It is important to keep all parts functioning at their very best and it is difficult to find another alternative. Anodizing is the most common method of strengthening metals because it’s less expensive compared to the others. Furthermore, it is easier to achieve as it gives a thicker and more resistant coating. Whenever you need to strengthen a surface, metal anodizing is the answer. Everyone concurs that anodizing is less expensive, more durable, and more attractive.

Care for Anodized Belly Bars

Anodized aluminum surfaces need care otherwise, they will lose their purpose. Dirty and dusty anodized surface are likely to suffer from panel edge staining and this type of surface staining destroys the metal’s beauty and reason for being. Wipe down your anodized belly button ring using a slightly moistened sponge or soft cloth to eliminate all dirt on the surface dirt. Do not expect 100% of the dirt to be removed but at least, you will be able to prevent dust and dirt build-up. Dry with a soft towel to avoid water spots. Always wash your hands before holding your belly button rings.

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