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Fabulous crystal stone belly bar

In humans, belly button after birth has no more biological usage except in a few medical procedures. Regarded as the center of body balance, the belly button is an important landmark of the anatomy. In some cultures, body piercings are considered part of a spiritual journey but in the present time, belly button piercing is considered a fashion statement or an adornment.

Crystal stones as a material

As fashion statement or adornment, belly button rings are adorned with crystal stones that are pieces of minerals that are used to make jewelry and other body adornments. Gems are hard stones, although but some are made of soft minerals that are molded into lovely jewelry due to their sheen and luster and other physical properties that provide aesthetic value. Crystal stones are considered as a healing stone for they are believed to have curative powers. They keep their sacral chakra stunning and filled with good vibrations.

Some designs of crystal belly button rings

Girl face carved in pumpkin navel multi-crystal stone, White Doraemon multi-crystal stone navel ring , Crystal stone green and white fancy heart SS banana bar navel ring , Crystal stone Preciosa pink and white crystal stone navel ring, Banana bar crystal stone red and yellow heart navel belly ring, Heart banana Ying Yang crystal stone bar navel ring, Jeweled enamel print star white crystal stone ring, Jeweled dangling silver blue stone SS navel bar, Pink stone silver dangling fancy jeweled banana bar navel ring, Multi-flower fancy red jeweled dangling navel ring.

How to care for your crystal stones

Because your crystals are valuable and served as energy and conduits for good vibes, it is important to clean them often to get rid of any negative intentions. Procedure: to every cup of alkaline water in a glass bowl add half tsp of sea salt and mix thoroughly. Then submerge your crystals and be sure they are completely covered by water. While stirring the water with the submerged crystal, close your eyes and set the good and positive intention by praying that the salted water will eliminate remove all negative energies and vibrations. Allow the crystal to soak overnight, remove, then rinse completely. Return the belly button in your piercing for it is now thoroughly cleansed.

Where to buy your crystal Belly Bars

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