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Dangle belly button rings for a glamorous look

A long history of body modifications is found in many cultures all around the globe that goes back for centuries. A recent U.S. poll conducted showed that body modification is a continuing trend and one of the most popular body sites is the belly button. Belly button piercing passes into the “lip” of skin above the belly button and it is advisable to have an amount of skin flap over the belly button so that the piercer is able to attach the jewelry after the procedure and wait for pierced skin to heal properly.

Types of Dangling Belly button rings

There are many types of jewelry to adorn your belly but dangle belly button rings are preferred as it that can easily move along with you and exudes an extra shimmer look with every movement. You can find this extraordinary gorgeous navel ring style at belly button where you will find a wide array of designs for your impeccable choice. Consider the length of your belly jewelry and refrain from buying one that hangs very low for this increases the possibility of your ring being caught on something and being pulled out. If your ring is accidentally pulled out, take immediate action and clean the area as quickly as possible. Begin cleaning and disinfecting the area by simply dabbing the area with a cotton ball that dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Then cover up the wound to prevent any bleeding. After the scab is created, take out the cover to give air to the wound so it will heal more quickly.

Attractive designs of Dangling Belly Button Rings

Wearing dangling belly button rings create a stunning and glamorous look as your navel jewelry features a wide collection of patterns. Even simply designed barbells or belly rings look attractive. when adorning the navel part of the belly. Pull out the dangling jewelry to the lower portion of the waist. Opt for cascading patterns and reverse dangles that look amazing with low-waist outfits.

Jeweled fancy flower sterling silver belly ring

Hanging gem necklace single jewel necklace navel belly ring

Sterling silver belly button ring center jeweled dream catcher

Marquise shape tribal sterling silver navel belly piercing 

Tree Of Life jeweled cut navel belly piercing

Heart cut out multi-jeweled heart navel belly piercing

Navel belly piercing jeweled skull with the center stone

Multi-jeweled teardrop sterling silver navel belly piercing

Sterling silver navel belly piercing jeweled dolphin heart

Oval cut out a sterling silver jeweled belly ring

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