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Go for gold plated belly button rings

Pop culture awakened interest in body modifications especially the art of belly button piercing. The event happened in 1993 when model Alicia Silverstone performed in a video that blatantly showed her newly pierced attractive belly button. Many young girls were amazed and flocked to copy the look as belly button rings like mushrooms were popping up everywhere. Ever since this time, belly button rings have taken off for many reasons as a way to express oneself or to give oneself an air of sexiness.

Health benefits of wearing gold

Gold as a metal, not only as belly button rings, has benefits good for the body. Since gold is non-toxic and an all-natural mineral, it is easily tolerated by the it gives off a relaxing effect.

Gold regulates the regular flow of oxygen to every portion of the body to improve the circulation of the blood. This helps to keep you physically fit and away from sicknesses. Gold is a protection of the body protects the body from changing outside temperature and it also boosts immunity that is essential for good health.

It has been confirmed by doctors and substantiated by research that wearing gold against you skin has a healing effect to improve your health and alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis suffered in the significant proportion of the patient’s body.

How to care for gold

Your belly buttons ring must be kept clean at all times. To keep belly button rings clean all the time, wash it often with anti-bacterial soap and tepid or warm water before placing it inside the ring’s piercing. As threads could easily strip, be careful and gentle when screwing on balls of your belly button. Since gold can lose its luster from being within the body over time,. you need to do lightly buff the belly button ring to bring back its natural shine.

Where to buy the best gold for belly button rings

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