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The return of the Non-Dangling Belly Bars

The practice of body piercing is not new for it could be traced back to biblical times and many decades earlier. It has become part and parcel of the fashion world whose trends are revolving time and time again just as body modifications have returned along with belly button piercing. Yes, it has returned and it bears a splendid agglomeration of belly button rings. Navel rings look so enchanting as they adorned your belly; consequently, you will become the cynosure of attention in a crowd.

The Non-Dangling type of Belly Button Rings

Belly button rings are adorable adornments and they come in many interesting forms. Most basic belly button rings are twisted, reversed, dropped, and are flexible or hinged that are simple or elaborately designed and most of them are non-dangling. Fixed non-dangle belly button rings contained no dangling elements and are ideal for everyday wear. You can purchase belly button rings and related stuff at and browse over many different kinds of non-dangling belly rings that look amazing without all of the hassles!

More info about non-dangle belly rings

Traditionally, all the belly button rings belong to the non-dangling types and they belong to the older generation of the body jewelry market. They are made from metals of varied types, such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. The non- dangle belly button rings usually consist of short bar belly button rings that are sometimes called a banana-bell.

Non-dangle belly ring designs

Here are some beautiful non-dangle belly rings to bring out the best in you.

CZ surgical steel internal thread High-Quality Heart CZ belly button ring

Yellow gold plated sterling silver clear jewel strip on Heart Belly

Non-moving Fish Belly yellow gold plated sterling silver clear bar

Clear Jewel Crab non-moving belly yellow gold sterling silver bar

Silver Pink Jeweled Curved Navel Belly Bar of yellow gold plated silver

Emerald Jewel Fancy Tribal Belly Bar of yellow solid plated sterling silver

Yellow gold plated sterling silver clear Jeweled Single Oval Belly Bar 

Jeweled Butterfly Shaped Belly clear yellow gold plated sterling silver bar 

Silver Dark Blue Jeweled fancy reverse belly bar 

Yellow gold plated sterling silver Dark Blue Jeweled fancy reverse belly bar

Where to purchase?

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