Care for Belly Jewellery

BellyButtonRings want to be clear that we are not responsible for damage to jewelry caused by outside or 3rd party sources. Our quality guarantee covers manufacturing defects only. Please only consult a licensed, reputable piercing professional regarding proper care and cleaning of your belly jewelry.

We are not responsible for damage of belly dangling jewelry during improper wear including sleeping, bathing, clothing obstructions, etc. Appropriate care should be taken when wearing suspended body jewelry.

Body Jewelry - Size Information

All Belly Bars listed on our website are only available in the size shown. Please read the complete product description for each item. If the information you need for a certain item is not included in our description, please contact us directly (during standard business hours). We can also be reached via email by completing the General Question Form under the Help section or by emailing us directly at

Be sure to include your question and reference the item name and number when submitting your inquiry. We are here to assist you Monday through Friday 9am-5pm GMT

Error Ordering - the Checkout Process

If your card is being DECLINED, please review your credit card number as well as the expiration date for data entry errors. If correct, your order will be processed. If the information is entered correctly, you will need to contact your bank directly regarding the declining of the credit card.

If you are experiencing a VERIFICATION error, please contact our customer service department Monday through Friday 9am-5pm GMT by email at