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The Reverse Belly Button Rings

Look great with belly button piercings which is just right for you if you have a nice flat tummy and the proper set of abs. But then, this could be an inspiration for you to slim down! Belly button piercing is the perfect way to draw attention from the crowd as it is something interesting and unique. There are many styles to choose from and one is the reverse belly button ring.

Common types of piercings

1. Standard Belly Ring is the most basic and common types of navel piercing found in most females. Top of the navel is pierced with a piece of metal shaped similar to a curved barbell. The barbel beads are kept after the procedure and can be replaced with other forms of belly button jewelry. 2. Inverse Navel Piercing is a button belly piercing that runs through the lower navel like the standard piercing. 3. True Navel Piercing is your best option if you have an outie type of belly button. 4. Double Navel Piercing also called ‘double belly piercing for it uses both the navel standard and inverse procedures.

Advantages of reverse belly button rings

The popularity of the reverse belly button rings is due to its many advantages.

1. The primary advantage is its safety in comparison to other standard rings since its design is structured in such a way that the ring will not get attached to clothing, which is common to other types of belly rings. 2. It also prevents accidents such as the belly rings getting caught to a passing object or person and are torn off causing severe pain to its user. 3. Reverse belly button rings are so fashionable in shape and design that offers great appeal to the varied taste and style of its wearers. 4. Compared with other standard rings, reverse belly button rings have much more variety in style and design. 5. Another major advantage of the reverse belly rings is that they are more trendy as they have a more attractive hanging look compared to the normal ordinary belly rings

Be a new you

Be proactive and innovative fashion-wise in your lifestyle by using the reverse top-down navel rings. Adopt something different and try using the reverse style navel rings. Feel the excitement of wearing these belly rings that are inserted from the top of your piercing and then dangle or sit over your belly button. Be a new you by adding one or two of these amazing reverse/top-down belly button rings to your body jewelry collection today. It is a great investment beauty-wise!

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