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Precious silver/sterling silver belly button rings

Do you know that one of the most common types of piercing that a person can opt belly button piercing? In fact, among many cultures, piercing the belly button symbolizes lots of different meanings as courage, fertility, and strength. In U.S. culture, belly button piercing is an expression of one’s personality or equivalent to giving a fashion statement that both sexes enjoyed in making such bold pronouncements. Naval piercing seems to be more popular among women; however, in recent years, many men are also getting naval piercings to provide an accent to their six-pack tummy.

What is Sterling silver?

Sterling silver is one of the most precious metals for its high degree of luster and it is easily workable. From mass production of jewelry to one-of-a-kind designs item, sterling silver is the top choice. Similar to gold, the purest silver form is too soft and malleable to become any type of jewelry therefore, it is usually combined with copper in order to become more enduring. Fine silver jewelry is mostly stamped as 925 to indicate that the jewelry is a perfect combination of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of copper or another metal. Sterling silver's profile is heightened by the popularity of platinum and it adds value to the metal while decreasing the likelihood of corroding since sterling silver has alloyed like other precious metals like platinum that is plated with rhodium to prevent tarnishing.

Why sterling silver is best for body piercing?

Surgical-grade stainless steel is an ideal option for most initial body piercings, especially navel piercings. It is not only inexpensive but highly durable. If you are into body piercing, choose your piercer wisely and pay attention to his tools. Be sure that he uses only true implant-designation steel alloys, as there is a number of stainless-steel body jewelry made of cheap material that irritates the skin or delays the healing process.

Where to find silver or sterling silver belly button rings?

The best sources of silver and sterling silver belly button rings are available in belly button rings co where you find a wide array of goods for your best options. They offer a fast delivery service and sell online. Aside from the very affordable cost, they have the best quality goods.

How to avoid Belly Bars corrosion

Keep your silver/sterling silver belly button rings away from corrosion by this guide” There are certain substances and chemicals that can cause the sterling silver to corrode so keep your jewelry away from chemicals around the house, water with chlorine, rubber and rubberized materials, sulfuric substances like eggs, latex, mustard, tool, etc., direct sunlight, hairsprays. lotions and perfumes. If you give your belly button rings proper care, it will keep your tummy looking great and enticing all the time. Give your belly button a big treat with sterling silver belly button rings. A wide array of these goods are available in all stores. Visit for more information and answers to your inquiries.