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Those adorable Spinal Belly Button Rings

Most women love to show off their bodies and use fashion to increase its attraction. The current trend and popularity of body modification give them the best opportunity to fulfill this passion. Women all over the world are learning to love and embrace their bodies and one option is using belly button rings. They feel no qualms in adorning their gorgeous bellies with exotic rings through navel piercing. They are aware that adding a little sparkle in their bellies will go a long way in creating this attraction.

Interesting facts about belly bars

Belly button bars are ideal adornments since they are made of many material types, interesting shapes, and unique designs. One key to the success of belly-button piercing is the right choice of jewelry, especially after a primary placement. Opt for a smooth and hypoallergenic metal to eliminate the risk of irritation and adverse reactions. Common metals used are surgical stainless steel, gold, niobium, and titanium. Studded belly button jewelry comes in all shapes and designs without limitations and one of these is the spinal belly buttons.

Belly Button Rings Styles

When it comes to belly button ring styles, you have many choices. Do you want a belly button ring that is top-down/reverse; the standard type that has a bigger bottom ball, charm or other decorations sitting over your belly button; line captive head ring with a hoop or a circular barbell? But you can still stretch your options further by choosing a belly ring with a navel shield, encompassing the belly button or covering it. Navel shields are standard and top-down styles, as well as with or without dangles.

Advantages of belly button rings including spinal belly buttons

Belly button rings, that include the spinal belly ring, are assets to your personality that helps to develop more confidence and the ability to express yourself. They are easily available and there are countless designs to choose from that suit your personality and suit every occasion. As a fashion trend, belly button rings are never out of the scene as they appear more and more in the fashion ramp and worn by celebrities in many special events. Pricewise, they are so affordable and in no way affect your budget. Belly rings are made of durable materials so you can wear them for a long time.

Where to find the best spinal belly button rings?

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