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Titanium makes the best belly bar

Navel piercings are among the most popular types of body piercing below the neck. In fact, its popularity ranks second only to earlobe piercings. Of the many other body modification procedures, navel piercing is also one of the trickiest to perform and the piercings take longer time to heal. One of the successful keys to belly-button piercing is its initial choice of jewelry. Select a metal that is both smooth and hypoallergenic that go a long way to hasten the healing, as well as, minimize irritation and prevent adverse reactions.

Advantages of titanium piercings

By far, many-body jewelry is made of 316 surgical steel but most piercers almost always use titanium. Similar to gold. titanium is extracted from the earth and its main characteristic is its extreme firmness and it is three times as strong as steel. It is very difficult working with titanium as it only melts at a high temperature of 1660 degrees Celsius. The melting process of titanium requires special skills and very expensive equipment. Although it is stronger than steel, titanium is still half as light. The purity of titanium is from 99% to 99.7% and compared with other metals, it does not cling to the body of other objects so it is the appropriate material used as pins and plates in medicine. This characteristic makes titanium great for body piercing. Because it is strong, belly body ring is durable, more so as titanium does not tarnish. Even if it gets wet with water and perspiration, titanium belly body ring will not corrode and become discolored.

Why wear titanium body jewelry?

You can purchase titanium body jewelry from bellybuttonrings co. that offers a wide array of titanium selection. Being very lightweight and durable, this metal is excellently biocompatible. It is much lighter and stronger than surgical steel that is the other metal used for body jewelry. The biggest advantage of titanium body jewelry is that the titanium is free from metals like nickel that irritates body piercings. If you have experienced discomfort, irritation or soreness after wearing steel jewelry, you should switch immediately to titanium. It is light, hypoallergenic and can hasten the healing process of your piercing compared to steel jewelry. Although, titanium is a little more expensive than other metals its benefit is worth paying the extra amount

Where to buy titanium belly ring products?

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